Description of Trenbolone Enanthate

Trenbolone Enanthate is a powerful steroid that promotes rapid gains in muscle mass and strength. Athletes love it for its excellent results without flavoring. The trenbolone enanthate cycle not only leads to muscle growth but also fat burning. The effect is achieved by stimulating the production of growth hormones. The course of steroid injections increases libido, which causes some athletes discomfort. So before ordering this anabolic steroid, you should consider whether you can handle this discomfort. Also, the drug lowers cortisol levels, which contributes to the accumulation of fat in the body. Athletes love trenbolone enanthate, the course of which helps to achieve good results and for the fact that it has practically no side effects.

Action of Trenbolone Enanthate

Action of Trenbolone Enanthate

Initially, the drug was used for medical purposes like all other steroids, except that it was used to increase the appetite of animals. However, the properties of the drug attracted the attention of athletes and today Trenbolone Enanthate is the most widely used course in sports. Trenbolone Enanthate is a modification of the popular nandrolone in bodybuilding. An important property of the drug is the lack of aromatization.

The steroid course allows for high quality and lean muscle mass, so the reversal at the end of the course is minimal. At the same time, the strength of the athlete increases significantly. It is important to choose the right dose of the drug, since the likelihood of side effects depends on it. Steroid overdose often causes acne, testicular atrophy, and even alopecia. This preparation is used both for weight gain and for drying already gained weight. At the same time, the drug can be detected in the blood up to 4-5 months after the end of the course. It is worth carefully planning the route, especially if a serious competition is imminent. The correct use of the drug with the simultaneous use of auxiliary substances will allow you to complete the Trenbolone Enanthate course without side effects. Proviron or Gonadotropin are usually chosen for these purposes.

Properties of Trenbolone Enanthate

Properties of Trenbolone Enanthate

Like most drugs used in sports today, trenbolone enanthate preparations were not originally made for doping, but for medical use: “tren” (colloquial abbreviation) was intended for veterinary use (to increase appetite, increase performance) and gain body weight in animals). Subsequently, various official and clandestine companies mastered steroid production technologies, thus spreading them throughout the world.

Trenbolone enanthate as a doping agent can produce a number of effects that are important for athletes, but only if the course is carried out correctly:

  • The maximum set of muscle mass
  • Rapid increase in strength indicators
  • Greater resistance
  • Reduction of adipose tissue
  • Improved appetite
  • Even increased libido

Characteristically, trenbolone ether enanthate is characterized by pronounced anabolic activity (400% endogenous testosterone) and corresponding androgenic activity (200% endogenous testosterone), as well as a long-lasting effect that develops up to 10-14 days (the half life – 5-7 days). ) after injection. On the other hand, it stimulates an increase in the concentration of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor, and on the other hand, it contributes to a decrease in the concentration of cortisol, which further stimulates anabolic processes and inhibits related catabolic processes with muscle mass. It is important to note that “tren” does not aromatize – it gained popularity precisely as the strongest commercial anabolic steroid that does not aromatize (without conversion to estrogen).

But where there is a strong effect, a side effect is also possible: for example, Trenbolone Enanthate can cause complications of an androgenic or progestin nature: from acne, increased aggressiveness and cough to insomnia, hair loss and gynecomastia. The steroid is intended primarily for athletes with a background in sports pharmacology, but even they are recommended to carefully monitor the state of the body, if necessary, reduce the dose or stop the course to avoid consequences.

Application of Trenbolone Enanthate

Trenbolone Enanthate is generally best taken in two equal doses per week for a total dose per week. Typical doses of Trenbolone Enanthate range from 200 to 400 mg per week, which equates to two injections per week at 100 to 200 mg per injection. This will bring remarkable results to almost every man. can it be used anymore? Of course, if you respond well to it, you can consider more, but each increase increases the risk of use. Doses close to or even a little over 800mg per week are not uncommon, especially in bodybuilding circles and the benefits may not be real, but be aware of the positive negative effects and always keep your health in mind.

When it comes to stacking, Trenbolone Enanthate pairs well with all anabolic steroids. Not only is it versatile in terms of periods of use, but also in all aspects of anabolic steroid use. In the off-season, many will find the combination of Tren and Testosterone with the possible addition of Anadrol or Dianabol to be very beneficial. Many may also find it very helpful to use nandrolone on a schedule that suits their trainer, but this use is generally only recommended for advanced, long-term cycles. During the cutting phase, Tren and Testosterone can again be beneficial. During this period of use, testosterone doses are usually lower, but not always. It’s really about your overall plan and diet. Other desirable supplements may include Masteron, Winstrol, Anavar, and Primobolan Depot.